Anaheim Commercial Real Estate Market Highlights

Market Insights

Anaheim, population 336,265, is by far the largest submarket in Orange County. This submarket has a large amount of available square footage, making it a desirable location for building industrial and apartment spaces. Serving a variety of industries, Anaheim is one of the most active and tightest areas in Orange County, resulting in a surge in rent growth.



Industrial Specs

Inventory SF: 51.1 M

Under Construction SF: 232 K

12 Month Net Absorption SF: 343 K

Vacancy Rate: 1.7%

Asking Rent/SF: $0.98

12 Month Rent Growth: 5.8%



Fun Facts:

1.     Anaheim is located in the far southwest side of the state of California. It is the oldest city in the Orange County, California. (10 Facts About – Anaheim)

2.     The city was founded by wine makers and grape farmers. After grape crops failed oranges became the largest crop of the city. (10 Facts About – Anaheim)

3.     Anaheim literally translates to home by the river. It got its name ‘Ana’ because of its proximity to the Santa Ana River. “heim’ is a German word for ‘home’. (10 Facts About – Anaheim)