Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems with Victor Hoerst of Stoecklin


Victor Hoerst is ASRS Sales & Concept Design at Stoecklin Logistics, Inc. For 80 years, the Swiss Stoecklin Group has offered innovative logistic solutions. Optimization of space, time, and resources is their contribution to your success. As a prime contractor with overall responsibility, Stoecklin Logistics offers complete, ready-to-use systems allowing you to store your products in minimum space, manage them reliably and pick up and transport them as quickly as possible with minimum personnel costs.

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  • Looking to build something new – 3:39
  • Investing in automation – 8:22
  • The first thing that they do – 11:30
  • The economy is a scale – 13:40
  • Taller buildings – 22:16
  • Trusting in automation – 29:23
  • Having experience with Good Manufacturing Practices – 29:05
  • Not overbuilding the system – 34:04
  • Thinking more strategically – 45:00
  • Consider automation when you’re building something new – 48:35

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