Buena Park Commercial Real Estate Market Highlights

Market Insights

Buena Park, population 83,156, is an ideal location in Orange County due to its easy access to highways leading to Los Angeles and the inland Empire. This submarket actually contains one of densest concentration of high-bay industrial warehouse spaces in Orange County, placing it in a very good position for regional distribution. Buena Park continues to see a steady and healthy increase in rent growth.



Industrial Specs

Inventory SF: 14.1 M

Under Construction SF: 200 K

12 Month Net Absorption SF: -208 K

Vacancy Rate: 0.8%

Asking Rent/SF: $0.82

12 Month Rent Growth: 5.6%



Fun Facts:

1.     Buena Park is the home of the popular E-Zone or Entertainment Zone.  (City of Buena Park)

2.     Rancho Los Coyotes, Buena Park is located near the center of this rancho, is a center of California and American history, for it was here in January 1847, that Commodore Robert S. Stockton and his band of Americans rested in preparation for the battle of the San Gabriel River. (City of Buena Park)

3.     Whitaker filed his township papers in 1887 in Los Angeles County – Orange County had not been formed – to create the town of Buena Park, the City was not incorporated until 1953. (City of Buena Park)