Building Better Leases Series – Quiet Possession, Multiple Buildings, Security Measures

Building Better Leases

Quiet Possession

Quiet Possession refers to the freedom to enjoy the property without interference. The purpose of this paragraph is to emphasize that as long as the Lessee is in compliance with the Lease, the Lessor will not disturb the Lessee’s occupancy.

Multiple Buildings

Mixed-use properties have become ubiquitous in most areas of the country. Often, they make the most of a property’s layout, especially in urban neighborhoods – providing easy-to-access commercial space on the first floor and residential units on the floors above so no space is wasted. If the Premises are part of a group of buildings such as a condominium project or multiple building project, then the lessor may create rules and regulations for managing and maintaining the group of buildings. Because the Lessor has the right to assess the Lessee, it’s important that the Lessee understands where the Premises falls. The Lessee should evaluate potential costs and consider capping such costs if they are excessive.

Security measures

Landlords will typically provide basic security such as outdoor lighting, perimeter fencing, and secure roof top access, however they are under no obligation to provide security for the Premises. In this section, the Lessee is acknowledging the fact that it is their responsibility, not the landlord’s, to secure the premises. Tenants should consider implementing security to ensure the safety of their employees/visits as well as their personal property.