On the Run

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Commercial Real Estate Broker on the Run

As you may know, I am always on the move whether it is chasing my kids around, meeting with clients, looking at property, traveling the world or training for my next athletic endeavor. I had been contemplating how to improve upon the marathon experience after running the OC Marathon in 2016. What better way to do that than to take it to the trail and as luck would have it, I was introduced to the Tillamook Burn Run 50k outside of Portland, Oregon.

What do running 31.4 miles in the Tillamook Forest of Oregon and commercial real estate have in common? More than you would think.


We all know what it takes to set a goal. Then what? The toughest part of goal setting is breaking down the goal into small interlocking pieces and creating an action plan around them. That plan won’t stay the same throughout the journey but the act of creating the plan always prompts more thoughtful action.


I had 14 weeks to prepare. What did I do with it? I ran intervals, hills, repeats, stretched, strength training, and recovery. I put in the work. Could I have done more? You better believe it. What I learned is that more speed work leads to better oxygen delivery, more strength training leads to better form over time and more hills! Hill training is something I looked at as necessary. Now I know, hill work is everything!


The support team is who made this happen. From gaining the permit to hold the race within a state park, to getting aid stands setup in the middle of a forest for 150 racers, to live music and drinks and a food truck all there waiting and ready. All racers had to do was show up prepared and run that race.

Race Day

Race day is the time to shine. There I am in the red hat. Finding the right people to run with, learning from those more experienced, observing others who know the road ahead and enjoying the challenge. It was not easy to say the least but it was possible with the right training and mindset. Just my style.


No challenging experience is complete without a time to reflect, recuperate and relax….for a moment.

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