Components of a Project Team: An Economic Incentives Consultant

The Logistics of Leasing

Economic Incentives are tax breaks that companies gain for locating in specific municipalities. The most high-profile economic incentive debacle is Amazon’s quest to open a second headquarters of equal size to the current headquarters in Seattle, WA. The company had virtually every viable city in America, vying for their attention and consideration during multiple rounds of negotiation. Long Island, NY seemed to be the front runner until their residents fought the city government to keep Amazon away, thinking that the effects of Amazon’s presence outweighs its benefits. For Southern California companies, not a month goes by without hearing about Phoenix, AZ, and Dallas, TX touting how they have a more business-friendly environment and how companies are leaving California for Arizona and Texas in droves based on their demographics and economic incentives.

There are so many factors to take into consideration when making major real estate decisions for your company. Network optimization, labor analytics, and economic incentives are not needed in most local real estate decisions when relocating within its existing trade area. When it comes to more significant strategic decisions like reshoring, moving headquarters, manufacturing overseas, international operations, building a new facility with tax incentives, and relocating interstate, these consultants come into play.