Components of a Project Team: A Labor Analytics Consultant

The Logistics of Leasing

Labor Analytics is the study of the labor pool as it relates to your operation and the geographic areas you are looking to do business. These studies will help you understand which markets have union vs. non-union labor, skilled vs. unskilled labor, wage rates, hiring packages, access to talent, demographics, and population trends.

Jim Tomkins explains a recent experience he had with a client illustrates the insight: “This gentleman is extremely bright and extremely experienced. He was shocked at the questions that I asked him about his network model that was done by a good consultant, but then they made the recommendation on Reno without considering incentives. They made the recommendation on Reno without understanding everyone has selected Reno and there’s no labor left. He was shocked by that. He thought the recommendation for Idaho made a lot of sense until I explained to him that LA was two days away from Idaho. He thought they could do same day and I told him there’s cheap land and a great workforce, but it’s in the wrong spot.”