Cypress Commercial Real Estate Market Highlights

Market Insights

Industrial Specs

Inventory SF: 7 M

Under Construction SF: 0 K

12 Month Net Absorption SF: -102 K

Vacancy Rate: 4.0%

Asking Rent/SF: $1.08

12 Month Rent Growth: 5.6%



Fun Facts:

1.     In 1965, while excavating for the new Cypress Library, a 400-year-old skeleton of a Chumash tribe member was discovered. (Cypress Chamber of Commerce)

2.     Long before there was a city, the Cypress area was inhabited by the Gabrieleno/Tongva (meaning “people of the earth”) Indians who occupied the entire Los Angeles basin and the islands of Santa Catalina, San Nicholas, San Clemente and Santa Barbara. (Cypress Chamber of Commerce)

3.     The first ownership of land in Cypress resulted from Spain’s having to give land to soldiers in place of a payment of money. (City of Cypress California)