Destination Irvine Generates Nearly 12 Million in Hotel Revenue

Inside Irvine

According to the Irvine Chamber of Commerce, Destination Irvine has generated nearly $12 million in hotel revenue year-to-date for the 2018-2019 fiscal year, with three months still to go. Most of this is accredited to either direct groups sales or marketing campaigns conducted by the Greater Irvine Chamber’s destination marketing organization.

Direct group sales efforts have filled more than 22,800 overnight rooms, equating to more than $5 million in revenue. Guests have booked rooms for meetings, sports events, leisure visits, and business traveling.

In addition, several marketing campaigns were launched. CBS conducted a social influencer and digital campaign and Expedia partnered with Orange County to create an Irvine-exclusive Expedia marketing campaign targeted at leisure travels. In total, both these marketing efforts created 50 million impressions and generated more than $6.5 million in hotel revenue.

Last year, the Marriott Irvine Spectrum became the first full-service hotel to open in Orange County in more than a decade. So far, it has played a huge role in filling a gap in the high-end market which is popular for leisure and business travelers. With a host of amenities and food and beverage options, the hotel has been a hot spot for millennial travelers. The goals of Destination Irvine are designed to enhance the economy of the city of Irvine through sustained growth tourism spending, resulting in an increase in economic impact. Thus, you can expect hotels to continue to grow and generate business in Southern California.