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Leasing an office space for your headquarters in today’s market can be challenging with full floor office blocks difficult to find. Locating a suitable warehouse to purchase requires you navigate a market of 1.5% vacancy. At Lee Corporate Solutions we understand the market dynamics and excel in creating solutions for you and your business.

Your success is our duty, obligation and responsibility. We continuously improve our time tested process, we have recently unleashed our newest multi market project management tool ePortfolio, and our national network has never been stronger.

Think of us as your own personal corporate real estate department available to take care any real estate initiative your company may have. We can plug into any company or any size and immediately hit the ground running. If you need help relocating your company, negotiating a renewal, or leasing your building, I know just the right person.

We must start with the assessing the current state of the business and property, the people involved within the project, create an initial space plan and assemble the relocation resources necessary. You can learn more here:

Up next is the fun part, getting into the market, viewing prospective properties and envisioning how the business and culture and grow within those prospective properties. Learn more here:

Once we find the ideal property we must secure it, negotiate with the landlord, and tailor the lease document to suite your needs. Learn more about that here:

Find the right space is just the beginning. Now it is time to build out the interior of the space and construct it to your specifications so that you can move in on time and on budget. Learn more here:

Lastly, after you have moved into your office, warehouse or medical office, time goes by and the environment changes. We help you throughout the life of the lease and work together with you to support you in any way we can. Learn more here:

We look forward to working with you. 

Do you have one specific location that needs work? Review our Transaction Management to find out how we can work together.

Does your company have locations in multiple markets and looking to better manage them? Review our Portfolio Management tools and request a demo.

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