Health Direct specializes in the R&D, manufacturing and distribution of health supplements since 1996. Health Direct was pursuing business growth and looking to sell a warehouse asset to help fuel that growth. In that pursuit, they hire a real estate broker to list their property at a premium price to the rest of the market. Six months went by without finding the right match for the property. Health Direct promptly enlisted Justin Smith to create and implement a disposition strategy for the 43,000 SF R&D facility.

Over the next 4 months, Justin created first class marketing materials, exposed the property first hand to all of the brokerage community and focused on users of R&D facilities. We were able to secure the ideal buyer who is the industry leader in precision prism and optical assembly manufacturing. We were able to navigate the financing market, title nuances and tight time frames and successfully relocate Health Direct into their current facility.


It was nice to know that such an important investment was being taken care of by someone who cared as much as we did. I would highly recommend Justin and his firm.

Dennis ZourasHD Nutrition

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