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2018 is upon us. What is your focus for investment this year? I place my own investment capital into multi-tenant industrial properties and scour the western United States along with Texas and Georgia chasing markets with job growth and in the path of population growth. See the link below for a roundup of properties that fits that criteria from $1,000,000-$5,000,000.

Multi-Tenant Industrial Investment Opportunities

With e-commerce’s rise still in the 2nd inning, rent growth averaging 6% and vacancies at all time lows, now can be a time to harvest gains and reinvest in larger quality properties. Financing for multi-tenant property is still abundant although sourcing the best possible banker to align interests with is still a process. Loan brokers and direct lending relationships in the property market are still the best avenues.

What are your investment goals this year? Drop me a line and let me know your ideal criteria and I’ll customize an Opportunity Report for you.

Here is another interesting National Industrial Market Report deep dive you might enjoy.


Already own property and need a leasing broker? Or wondering what is taking your broker so long and looking for help? Look no further. For those with straightforward properties to lease, bravo. Otherwise, we are used to dealing with difficult tenants, environmental challenges, older property with deferred maintenance, business parks with lots of tenants, large properties with small tenant pools, large scale renovations and more. We can provide vendors, contractors, space planners, liquidators, janitorial references and more to help get your property ready to be the next one leased. We’ll photograph the property, clean up the floor plan, take aerial photography and position your property in the best light possible to meet the market and find the ideal tenant.

What are your leasing needs this year?

Email or call and let’s chat. I’d love to help you realize your goals. and 949-790-3151.