Irvine’s Newest Office Campus: Spectrum Terrace

Inside Irvine

Nestled south of I-405 at the Laguna Canyon (Highway 133) interchange is Irvine’s newest office campus: Spectrum Terrace.

The 1.1 million square foot campus, to be completed in three phases, includes nine four-story buildings spread across 73 acres of natural landscape. Amenities at the heart of each complex, including a dining pavilion, multipurpose event space, and fitness center are seamlessly integrated with an array of landscape features. The result is a richly textured indoor-outdoor environment that not only fosters social interaction, but also serves the needs of both the immediate office community and the evolving greater Irvine Spectrum area. Parking is consolidated to four cars per 1,000 square feet establishing a pedestrian-friendly atmosphere and a 1.5 mile perimeter jogging trail reinforces the idea of work-life balance.

The campus was inspired by Silicon Valley, perfected for the Southern California lifestyle, and approved by the city 17 years ago. It was designed to attract high wage businesses that want to be located within the Irvine Spectrum District. With customizable workspace, distinct amenity buildings, and an array of landscape features, the campus provides a workplace unlike any other. For businesses, Spectrum Terrace will play a key role in building company culture and attracting and inspiring top talent.