Material Handling Insights On How to Setup Your Warehouse with Tripp Milligan of Ziglift


Tripp Milligan is the Account Manager of Ziglift. As a full-service integrator, Ziglift has over 20 years of expertise in managing challenging project timelines. From project inception to managing the production and shipping schedules from multiple countries around the world as well as prioritizing installation best practices and safety, they are able to reduce risk and maintain flexible project timelines.

Their inventory includes both new and used shelving, and pallet racking solutions from top manufacturers such as Interlake Mecalux, Frazier, Advance, and many more. By working with various liquidation companies around the U.S., they are able to offer the largest inventory of used material handling equipment and assorted supplies.


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  • An existing building vs. a new building – 3:24
  • Adjusting the terms – 11:24
  • The cost of moving – 13:33
  • Having the ability to expand – 14:44
  • How to support a customer – 22:50
  • The transition period – 26:22
  • The timeframe of moving – 27:36
  • The need of more industrial buildings these days – 41:25
  • Looking for warehousing space – 42:20
  • Seeing more automations – 43:21

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