It’s Time for Your Opinion of Value

When you own property, you must stay up to date with (1) the underlying leases value and expiration, (2), debt financing rate and maturity date, (3) the market cycle, and (4) your investment horizon. These four pillars of your investment platform determine your success. Not to mention new tax laws. Most clients have me prepare a Broker Opinion of Value for them annually. Get your’s today.

The top items we contemplate in preparing an opinion of value are:

  1. Current in place lease rates, terms, rights, responsibilities and history
  2. Market rents, leasing sentiment, absorption figures, market cycle timing data and analysis
  3. Market, income, and replacement cost approaches to value
  4. Capital expenses, property condition, deferred maintenance
  5. Higher and best use of the property and potential value-add opportunities
  6. Competing property, recently sold comparable property, and transaction environment analysis
  7. Potential sales platforms and approaches
  8. Prospective buyer pool analysis
  9. Lending environment, maturity date and interest rate analysis

Clients benefit from the synthesis of the above factors into a coherent property strategy to maximize values and proceeds from sale when relavent. We pride ourselves on cutting-edge research, marketing and technology in order to ensure our clients make informed decisions and that we deliver on the decided upon strategy with confidence and peace of mind.

Time to find out what your property is worth, how to make it marketable for sale or just looking for a guide on how to improve your property. Contact us today.

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