We have worked with Textron for several years with their Specialized Vehicles division to help their research and development operation flex with the changing product types and manufacturing locations.

We were able to market 6,000 SF of creative office when excess capacity when creative office space was just coming into fashion.

Justin guided me throughout the process so that I had realistic expectations of the leasing environments. He was able to help with relocation expense budgets, the nuances of subleasing, tactical negotiations with our existing landlord, and in addition, he had a myriad of vendors at the ready for any potential build out options.

Glen RoetersDirector of Operations, Site LeadTextron

Most recently, we collaborated on a lease expiration. We had excess office space, a high cost of relocating and tight industrial markets. We worked hand in hand with management to truly understand our alternatives and thoroughly analyze each assumption. It was through this process that effective decisions could be made.

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