Building Better Leases Series – Auctions and Signs

Building Better Leases


The Lessee should not conduct any auctions on the Premises unless they are given written permission from the Lessor. Auctions are not common, but may arise in the event that the Lessee becomes bankrupt or has catastrophic financial event and they would want to want to sell their personal property.


During the last 6 months of the Term, the Lessor may place an ordinary “For Sale” or “For Lease” sign on the Premises at any time. If the Lessee wishes to put signage up while leasing the Premises, they must get written consent from the Lessor. Some tenant’s will rely on signage as a major part of their day-to-day business, so it’s important for the Lessee to state any concerns regarding signage during the lease negotiations. In addition, they may want to negotiate when the Lessor will place the “For Lease” sign on the Premises incase the Lessee does not want their client to know when they are moving until they are ready to share the business’s information.