Industrial Advisor

Market Insights

As an industrial advisor, I get to meet executives of manufacturers, distributors, life science, diagnostics laboratories, medical device, food production companies, etc, and collaborate with them on how to maximize efficiency, utility and economics of their warehouses.

Today’s example was with a distributor who is a long time client. We are working on a renewal and have negotiated an attractive lease package to stay for another 5 years in 75,000 SF.

We’re able to help them think through inventory replenishment, warehouse space management, logistics opportunities, subleasing excess space, shared loading, excess office demo, parking lot condition concerns, office renovation ideas, lease language tweaks, long term strategy for optimizing inventory over several locations.

This is one of those days where I am grateful to have gone all in on industrial. Now I am no operations ninja, six sigma black belt, or industrial engineer, but happily bring them in and am interested in going deeper into supply chain consulting to be able to further elevate the conversation.