Industrial Insights – February 2021 – LA/OC/IE

Market Reports

Thank you for the opportunity to provide you with market intel and insights. We welcome Jeannette Plumeda onto our team to help with research, marketing, and client service.

The market continues to be increasingly tight. The e-commerce wave continues to get larger as we see continued new requirements from companies growing in that realm and not just in the large size, but also in the small and medium as more entrepreneurs get in on the action. As a result, we’re seeing landlords asking rates become sticky. There is always room to negotiate and size a deal so that it works for everyone but it isn’t hard to imagine rent growth continuing on its upward market this year.

Featured Activity

  • 14766 Daimler, Irvine (Brochure)
    • This 40,000 SF industrial building is owned by BLT Enterprises and available for lease. BLT is planning substation upgrades to the building which will include exterior upgrades to the facade, the common area, and landscaping, along with interior upgrades starting with a complete gutting of the interior office space and providing new office space to suit. Check out the new rendering on the brochure.
  • 201 Carob St, Compton (Announcement)
    • On this 50,333 SF industrial property, we helped work through converting to the Prologis Clear Lease, figuring out how best to renovate the offices, upgrading the facility lighting to all LED, and all the usual lease negotiations and economics. The Clear lease is something that is commonly misunderstood. You have to go through all of your past reconciliation statements to really understand the value of converting and there are real savings there, they are just hiding in a bunch of spreadsheets.
  • 1173 N Grove St, Anaheim (Brochure)
    • We represented Astro Paper in their long-term lease of this 17,400 SF facility. The great part here is that we were able to transition them from a larger building that they had to share with another operation into their very own facility close to their employee’s homes.

Market Reports


  • Book – My publisher has confirmed an April 27th launch date for the book! Here are the renderings for Hardback and Paperback.
  • Podcast – My team and I are actively interviewing people that are daily practitioners on the industrial investment side of the business. This includes high net worth investors, asset managers, acquisitions managers, lenders, capital providers, inspectors, and more. If you want to participate please schedule time on my calendar via Calendly which is linked below. We’ve found these interviews great educational pieces and would love to collaborate with you.

We’d love to catch up with you and brainstorm how we can make your goals come to life. You can book time with me at your convenience: Thank you!

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