Industrial Insights – March 2020 – LA/OC

Market Reports

55 industrial leases signed in March over 10,000 SF.

  • 4 leases over 100,000 SF
  • 9 leases between 50,000-100,000 SF
  • 17 leases between 20,000-49,999 SF
  • 25 leases under 19,999 SF.

Lease rates are fluid right now.

If you negotiated a deal but haven’t signed it yet, how confident are you that you should sign it now? Or has the market actually softened? Is renegotiating in your best interest? Is it in good faith? How does the landlord look at this? Lots of questions clients are asking last week. Is it wise to ask for rent relief while you are negotiating your lease renewal? What is the relationship between those two negotiations?

Everybody has their own unique situation during these times. Happy to help.

OC:LA Industrial Lease Analysis March 2020