Industrial Insights – April 2019 – OC

Market Reports

Market Reports Are Out

In the Orange County office market, healthy demand continues to match the increase in supply. We have 14 new buildings totally 2.7 million SF of Class A inventory. Modest positive absorption in North and Central county and continued positive absorption in the Airport, Spectrum and South County areas. Office Market report here. You can access a list of the top 20 office buildings in the county here.

In the Orange County industrial market, rents continue to spike although demand eased. What I see in the market is that small and medium sized private companies are dealing with significant increases in overhead which is leading to difficult decisions when it is time to renew, expand or consolidate. Industrial market report here. You can access a list of the top 20 industrial properties in the county here.

2020 Tax Laws for Companies

The new tax law, that requires companies to put their office and industrial leases on their books, takes effect next year. How does that affect you? Some see that as more reason to go short on their leases, some take that as motivation to own their own property while others continue the course because shortening leases doesn’t help them deal with landlord’s, costs of moving and business continuity. What should you do? More commentary here.

It’s Time to Build Better Leases

I’ve broken down the 50 components of a lease for my clients and will be posting a weekly narrative on lease clauses. You can see the first couple topics here in my early draft here and if you are a pro and have some feedback for me, I’m all ears. Or email me and I’ll send you the entire guide. There are few things more important real estate wise than knowing exactly what is in your lease.

Let me know when you are ready to discuss your next real estate project and I’ll put together a list of ways we can improve upon your current situation., 949-790-3151. Thank you!