Book Description

Are you an executive looking to physically expand your business?

Justin Smith is a commercial real estate broker who has helped his clients close more than 500 real estate transactions worth more than half a billion dollars in consideration. In Industrial Intelligence, he shares the benefit of his experience to help you make your own expansion a success from beginning to end.

From your initial needs assessment through your ultimate property transition, Smith outlines the playbook he uses with his own clients. Strategic relocation planning, building programming, ideal project teams and timelines, negotiation tactics, tenant improvements…everything you need to know to avoid disruption, delay, and costly mistakes.

Whether you’re relocating or expanding, buying or leasing, Industrial Intelligence will teach you how to find the right industrial building in the best location, leveraging that commercial property as a strategic advantage in growing your business.

About the Author

Justin Smith is a sixteen-year veteran in commercial real estate brokerage with Lee & Associates. He holds an MBA, as well as a master’s of Real Estate Development from USC, and is a member of the global Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR), an association of top producers within the industry. 

He has completed over 500 assignments across the US and has negotiated leases with some of the largest, most sophisticated landlords in the world, including Prologis, Blackstone, GLP, Rexford Industrial, and Brookfield. He has represented executives in e-commerce, logistics, food and beverage, cold storage, automotive, aerospace, life sciences, and many other industries. 



“Lee & Associates prides itself on having built a platform that attracts the most skilled and entrepreneurial brokers, who are dedicated to providing superior service for their clients. Justin is an example of one of the principals of our firm who exhibits these values, and Industrial Intelligence is a great representation of his commitment to client success.” -Jeff Rinkov, CEO, Lee & Associates

“You’re a CEO. You want to scale. Just make sure you don’t overlook the importance of geographic location. Unless you’re totally online, you’ll need a headquarters presence. Justin Smith will help you figure out how to find and leverage commercial real estate to your advantage. Before you sign another lease or put down a penny to buy an industrial building, flip through Industrial Intelligence. It’s the playbook that could revolutionize how you feel about your headquarters, warehouse or store.” Peter Daisyme, The Entrepreneur Leadership Network

“Few people in the commercial real estate business are always thinking about new ways to represent their clients better. Our industry origins were based on proprietary information and data that was exclusive to individuals. The collaboration of people and information was either nonexistent or limited at best. Justin’s book flips that model upside down. It’s a manual that sheds light on each step in the process for executives to grow their business better.” -Mark J. Duclos, President, Society of Industrial and Office Professionals

“At Ryder, we have a continuous improvement methodology to our business that keeps us focused on innovation and providing customers with first-class solutions. We seek out state-of-the-art warehouse automation and robotics as we build the warehouses of the future. Justin provides a dynamic and in-depth process in Industrial Intelligence, where he details how his clients can work with groups like Ryder, and for how they can build their own technologically enabled warehouses to thrive in this dynamic market.” Chris Dozier, Senior Manager Warehouse Automation, Ryder

“Justin has a unique ability to walk a mile in his clients’ shoes and give them every opportunity to succeed as they navigate the industrial real estate marketplace. He doesn’t just represent his clients; he truly joins his clients’ company culture and values, and looks for common ground.” -Dan Sullivan, Co-Founder and President, Strategic Coach®

“Justin is always finding ways to be useful to me and my team. I find it helpful to work with him because I know that we will have a high-level dialogue. Industrial Intelligence is a must-read for any CEO that wants to ensure that they are making the best decisions possible for their organization.” -Fred Myer, CEO, OSC Automotive

“Navigating the intricacies of a lease contract is not an easy feat. A great lease contract can set your company up for success and shield you from the unexpected moments that your business may experience. Industrial Intelligence offers that rare opportunity to find out all the needed insider’s information that would set your company’s industrial lease on solid ground.” -Mircea Manea, CEO, Blueprint Studios


“Being an expert in your field not only means having domain knowledge and expertise, but also a sense of when to reach out to other experts to execute at the highest level. Justin not only knows the industrial real estate business inside and out, but he’s a team player who brings in resources for his clients to help them make the most of any real estate project. Industrial Intelligence is an excellent resource that demonstrates his value add approach.” -Brian Reed, VP of Supply Optimization, Geodis

“Partnering with the right real estate advisor is imperative for a company to align its real estate with the operational needs of its business and ultimately scale. Justin is one of those, as he understands what it takes to put systems and processes in place, bring in technology partners, and leverage those partners to set a foundation for success. When I read Industrial Intelligence, I was excited to see his philosophy on the commercial real estate business match what we do here at Occupier in creating systems to help executives and their advisors succeed.” -Andrew Flint, Co-Founder, Occupier


“What it has taken Justin sixteen years to discover, you can learn within a couple of hours. A very comprehensive read for any owner/executive that is looking to lease commercial property for their business operation.” -Charles Todd, Managing Partner, DMG Environmental & Inspection Services

“Justin Smith is the go-to expert for industrial tenant leasing representation. Industrial Intelligence provides decision-makers the insights and detailed steps needed to maximize their potential as an industrial real estate tenant/user, which in turn will drive company productivity and success.” 
–Jeff Enes, Senior Vice President, IHP Capital Partners

“Justin Smith’s Industrial Intelligence exemplifies the idiom of ‘practice what you preach’. Justin does an excellent job describing how different team members can support the Herculean effort of effectively managing the leasing process from front to back. What makes Justin different is that he follows that recipe for success by using various team members for their skills to support his overall effort to assist his client in leasing a new building.” -Steve Figgins, Principal, EKI Environment & Water

Industrial Intelligence is a must-read for any CEO that wants to ensure that he is making the best decisions possible for his organization. The info in Justin’s book is a crash course in everything you need to know; he’s included so much that takes years and years to learn the hard way!” -Nate Munson, Director, AEW Capital Management, L.P.

“Justin is one of those people that is very proactive. He is always thinking about what the next step is on a project and looking for creative solutions. I know when I am working with him that we will be able to have an open, honest, and collaborative conversation.” -Steve Hummel, General Partner, Brandy-Sam

“I have worked with Justin for over ten years, and he provides valued recommendations and guidance for his client’s success. He is very knowledgeable, responsive, and delivers in-depth information which is very supportive in decision making. Looking back at our recent dealings, what stands out is his integrity and straightforwardness.” -Muna Abu-Sada, Sr. Leasing Director, Olen Properties

“The book is a great place to get educated about industrial real estate and how leasing works. Small businesses that get to address lease issues quite infrequently will find the book invaluable. I recommend this book to every small business owner who is starting off on leasing industrial property.” -Rahul Koul, Co-Chief Executive Officer, Sundari LLC

Industrial Intelligence is a must-read for any CEO that wants to ensure that he is making the best decisions possible for his organization.” -Ron McMaster, Owner/CEO, McMaster Air Conditioning

“Our industry originated in the days when everyone’s knowledge was proprietary and no one shared their ‘secret sauce.’ Justin’s book flips that model upside down by making a manual that executives can work through to shed light on each step in the process to better grow their business.” -Ann-Grace, Reonomy

“The design of industrial cold buildings requires an immense attention to detail. It’s important to work with a knowledgeable broker and project team who know the industry and intricacies of the market. This book provides valuable insight and is a strategic guide to the industrial commercial real estate market.” -Kate Lyle, Studio Manager, Industrial Cold & Food, Ware Malcomb

“Justin has the experience and ability to help his clients navigate through their real estate transactions–whether a simple renewal or a complicated new lease. By understanding his client’s objectives, Justin is able to create the right strategy and then build an experienced project team to execute that strategy.” -Christie Fischetti, Principal, CMPG

“Justin doesn’t just represent his clients, he works to truly understand and immerse himself into a client’s company culture and values. Working with Justin is always beneficial because I know he is taking the time and energy necessary to have a high level and meaningful dialogue with us, always looking for common ground. That level of commitment to the client helps to generate the best outcome in a deal and has been invaluable for us as a company.” Bill Shopoff, CEO, Shopoff Realty Investments

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