Benefits of Hiring a Tenant Rep

Market Insights

“What is it that you can do for me that I cannot do on my own?” This is a question that I usually get asked indirectly from very successful and intelligent CEO’s and CFO’s on a daily basis. The nuts and bolts of the commercial real estate business can seem straightforward at times, until you walk a mile in the minefield that is the tenant / landlord relationship. There are several avenues through which a highly capable executive can benefit by having a seasoned subject matter expert advising his top team members.

Market Insight

  • Know the inner workings, motivations, investment horizons and hot buttons of landlords.
  • Understand how your lease, location, credit, term and tenant improvement package compares to other market leases and what translates to leverage and savings in negotiations
  • Track landlord concessions, monitor market dynamics, and awareness of new projects

Lease Mastery

  • Create lease abstract so your team can know what is in your lease and how it applies to them
  • Audit existing lease to uncover missed opportunities, find positions to leverage, and added protections
  • Handcraft new lease to avoid pitfalls, limit exposure and avoid future expenses

Space Utilization Expertise

  • Know what employees want in a workspace and how to create it.
  • Know how to better utilize your existing or future space
  • Learn how to manage an office remodel or new space construction
  • Learn how to negotiate an office build out from your landlord

Deep Relationships

  • Gain insider information critical to your understanding and success
  • Leverage years of experience to uncover hidden opportunities
  • Gain distribution of your needs to the entire brokerage community
  • Create a trusted environment where we can explore potential scenarios

Team Approach

  • We are subject matter experts that help you and your team confidently make decisions
  • We have specialists waiting to assist: legal, accounting, architecture, general contractors, construction managers, project managers, space planning, interior design, moving & storage, IT & telecom, furniture & workspace, roofers, HVAC contractors

Track Record

  • 15 years, 500 deals, $275,000,000, 5,000,000 SF
  • Hard fought knowledge of how to prioritize and execute negotiations
  • Practice what I preach by investing in office and industrial properties


  • Life long learner, accessing the knowledge from the best and brightest in our community: UCI, USC, UCLA, CSULB, CCIM, SIOR, NAIOP, CoreNet
  • Deep inner knowledge of finance, operations, accounting, legal, human resources, supply chain
  • Work with the top business coaches: Strategic Coach, Mike Lipsey Company, Massimo Group

National firm

  • We build upon each other’s knowledge base
  • I have worked with and learned from most senior partners in our 60 offices nationwide
  • Monthly calls to discuss what major landlords are doing in each part of the country. This allows us to spot trends and changing dynamics before others do.

Let me know when you are ready to discuss your current lease and I’d be happy to help you apply each one of these to help you make the most of the opportunity to negotiate a new lease.